Health chiefs across Morecambe Bay are urging people not to put off getting help when they need it.

The message is: “we’re open, let us help
you”. There is a worry that people are putting
themselves or their loved ones at risk by not
seeking urgent help when it’s needed.
The people of Morecambe Bay have been
brilliant at staying home to save lives, but if
you or someone you are with shows signs of
a serious, life-threatening Illness or injury they
must go to hospital.
There’s a worry that people who may be
experiencing a heart attack or stroke are
putting off coming to hospital.
A&E attendances at our three hospitals are
now 66% fewer than the same time last year.
The NHS is under immense pressure, but
these illnesses and diseases haven’t gone
All of our NHS services are still open and
anyone suffering with a health issue and has
doubts should not hesitate to seek help. We
would rather they called 999 or attended an
A&E to find an honest mistake has been
made than be too late to save a person’s life.
People can be nervous at the best of times
about coming into hospital, and we
understand the feeling of uncertainty right
now during the Coronavirus pandemic. The
Doctors and Nurses may look a little different
at the moment, but it’s for everyone’s safety.
If you are seriously ill, please don’t let that put
you off coming to hospital for an emergency.
We have COVID-free areas to look after
people with different needs.

Tide Times (Morecambe)


08 August 2022

Time Type Height
02:25 low 2.66m
08:10 high 7.69m
15:19 low 2.49m
20:52 high 7.87m

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