Council Meetings


Council Meetings are held in the Old Free Grammar School, Bolton-le-Sands, on the first Monday  of each month (except for August), commencing at 7.00pm. Members of the public are entitled to attend these meetings, and may address the Council at the discretion of the Chairman. Planning Application matters are normally discussed, in Committee, at the end of each meeting.

Bolton-le-Sands Parish Council represents the whole of Bolton-le-Sands in two wards. North ward has seven Parish council seats and south ward has three seats. Residents of Bolton-le-Sands living south of the middle of Slyne road and Byepass road are represented on Lancaster District Council by Slyne with Hest Councillors.


Code of Conduct:


Click here to download a copy of our Code of Conduct.


Council Meetings:


Council Meetings are held at The Old Free Grammar School, St Michaels’s Lane, Bolton-le-Sands at 7pm. The Parish Assembly is held at the Community Centre.

Parish Council Agendas and Minutes are published as Adobe pdf files.

04 Jan 2021CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
01 Feb 2021CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
01 Mar 2021CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
05 Apr 2021CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
03 May 2021CouncilRead/Print
07 Jun 2021CouncilRead/Print
05 Jul 2021CouncilRead/Print
02 Aug 2021Interim MeetingNo Meeting
06 Sep 2021CouncilRead/Print
04 Oct 2021CouncilRead/Print
01 Nov 2021CouncilRead/Print
06 Dec 2021CouncilRead/Print
06 Jan 2020CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
03 Feb 2020CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
02 Mar 2020CouncilRead/PrintRead/Print
26 Mar 2020Annual Parish AssemblyPostponed
06 Apr 2020CouncilCancelled
04 May 2020Annual MeetingCancelled
01 Jun 2020CouncilCancelled
06 Jul 2020CouncilRead/Print
03 Aug 2020Interim MeetingRead/Print
07 Sept 2020CouncilRead/Print
05 Oct 2020Council
02 Nov 2020Council
07 Dec 2020CouncilRead/Print


Parish Councillors


Tracy Bell
Tel: 01524 823410
Vice Chairman
School Governor. Represents the Parish Council on the Bowling Greens Management Committee.
First served on the Parish Council in 1999.

Mark Archer
Tel: 01524 824580
Chairman of the Bowling Greens Management Committee
First served on the Parish Council in 2003.

Josie Bolton
First served on the Parish Council in 2019.

Linda Leak
Tel: 01524 823338
First served on the Parish Council in 2009. Represents the Parish Council on the Sports Pavilion Management Committee.

Philip Wilson
Tel: 07968 964680
Vice-Chairman of the Bowling Greens Management Committee and represents the Parish Council on the Sports Pavilion Management Committee.
First served on the Parish Council in 2017.

Cllr Philip Wilson
Acting Clerk to the Council


Lancaster City Council Representation:


Keith Budden
Tel: 01524 824247
Represents Bolton and Slyne

Malcolm Thomas
Tel: 01524 822471
Represents Bolton and Slyne

John Wild
Tel: 07792 216454
Represents Bolton and Slyne


County Council Representation:


Stuart Morris
Represents Morecambe North


Member of Parliament:


David Morris MP
Represents Morecambe and Lunesdale

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